AnnTac uses a transparent pricing model and subscriptions can be canceled monthly. Integrations and links are possible with various other systems. AnnTac has official partnerships with the companies listed below, but links are also possible with products from various other suppliers.

AnnTac offers an extensive integration with OnView. This includes the following:

  • Client information created in OnView is automatically visible in the digital archive of AnnTac.
  • Documents and e-mails are automatically recognized on the basis of this client data.
  • File folders in the AnnTac digital archive are also visible in OnView.
  • AnnTac documents can be used within OnView for KEI or as an attachment.
  • Search options of AnnTac are accessible from OnView, which makes it possible to search for the contents of documents in OnView.

The integration with OnView will be further expanded in the near future.

AnnTac has a partnership with Canon. The integration with Canon includes the following:

  • Canon scanning software is integrated in the AnnTac web pages.
  • After installing the Canon scanner drivers, scanning can be done directly from the AnnTac web page.
  • In the AnnTac web page, various predefined scan profiles are available in which an optimal scan result can be achieved.
  • AnnTac scan profiles are automatically created within the Canon software during installation.

You can also order discounted Canon scanners from us!

  • Canon scanners ordered from us are installed by us free of charge.
  • You can conclude a maintenance contract with us for Canon scanners ordered through us.

Most accounting packages already offer the option to save invoices. Because of the link with SnelStart, these invoices and other archived documents and e-mails are automatically provided with relationship data that is managed in SnelStart.

  • The relationship data for customers and suppliers is automatically retrieved by AnnTac.
  • AnnTac records files per relationship by automatically recognizing SnelStart relationship data in archived documents and e-mail.