With more than 70 employees, BBKN is one of the larger financial administrators.

BBKN is an AnnTac customer since 2015 and up until then stil had a paper archive. This paper archive has been digitized by AnnTac. Privacy and security safeguards were (and are) of course also extremely important to the administrators sector. BBKN had the desire for its own, secure, digital archive on location that complied with the GDPR legislation. This archive was realized by AnnTac.

For BBKN, AnnTac has made connections with the CRM systems Stratech , EOS and Smart FMS.

BBKN uses the AnnTac Digital Mailbox module. This module has been specially developed for the administrators' market and enables major cost savings because processed mail is automatically forwarded to the client by e-mail.

Results and feedback
Using the AnnTac digital archive results in significant work and cost savings at BBKN. On behalf of all 70 employees who work with AnnTac, CEO S. van der Giessen is still very satisfied after 5 years.

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