Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly is an American candy manufacturer whose history began in 1869.

Paper archive
Thailand's Accounting Department offices were so full of paper 5 years ago that the employees literally sat with their legs and feet on boxes of paper. This large amount of paper has now been scanned and digitally archived by AnnTac.

Purpose and content
The documents to be archived included paper documents with financial data from the Accounting department, paper quality reports from the Quality Assurance department and all outgoing invoices. In total, more than two million documents have been archived.

It often happens that the Thai tax authorities take documents for inspection (this is normal in Thailand). The problem is that documents are often gone for a long time, making it also necessary to  keep a digital copy of the documents.

Experience of Jelly Belly

  • The application is used every day and Vice President IT, Dan Rosman, said it is the most stable application Jelly Belly has in use. 
  • AnnTac is used in the US and in Thailand. The system runs On-premise in Fairfield, California.

Language and search function
The documents are written in the Thai and English languages and are fully searchable in both languages.

AnnTac has made a seamless connection with the ERP system Infor M3 with which the daily outgoing invoices are automatically archived with the correct customer data.

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