We are the largest sweeping machine manufacturer in the Netherlands. So if you see a sweeper driving through the street, chances are high it is one of ours.

We like to be tidy and has switched to our AnnTac software since December 2019. There software provides an automatically working tidy archive.

We use the AnnTac software in order to::

  • Save documentation of maintenance schedule of all sweepers.
  • Work more efficiently because of the faster retrieval of digital documents.
  • Print less and save costs.
  • Save office space and rearrange available cupboard space.

We provide sweepers to keep the streets clean, the use of AnnTac ensures a tidy archive within our company.
We also have been very pleased with the smooth and excellent implementation of the software. We are very happy to work with this system. 

Kind regards,

Ingrid Schilder (Application manager RAVO).

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