Integration Partners


Canon is a global provider of digital image processing technologies. Founded in Japan in 1937, the company has nearly 200,000 employees in marketing and manufacturing facilities in Japan, America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Canon continuously strives for innovation and is always looking for new growth areas. Business products in the company's range include office scanners and printers, business software and projectors.

Canon provides affordable, professional document scanners that allow you to digitize, process and forward your daily mail to AnnTac in one go. The software of the scanners fits seamlessly with the functionalities of AnnTac, so we guarantee optimal operation. AnnTac offers a warranty extension and a monthly support agreement with the scanners, ensuring the continuity of your document processing business.


OnView is software for administration, debt counseling, client registration and other income management functions. OnView is a clear program for administrator (s) on a closed web page with which administrator (s) can very easily view client data and manage income.

Logging in to the closed page of OnView ensures that each administrator, debt counselor or income manager has unique data and that your information is not visible to other administrator (s) using OnView. Within OnView you can then build entire online client files, enter periodicals and monitor transactions.

OnView also offers the possibility to produce very simple, different, clear reports and standard letters. OnView has more than 15 years of experience in debt counseling and administration. The package has been developed by both starting administrator (s) and the more experienced administrator. Regular consultation on how to deal with debt counseling or administration ensures that the user is provided with new versions and possibilities of the software.


SnelStart supplies software that makes accounting easy. With smart solutions, we help more than 63,000 entrepreneurs to organize their affairs properly. More and more freelancers and SMEs are choosing SnelStart for its ease of use, low subscription costs and excellent price / quality ratio. Customers benefit from the convenient banking and industry links and the easy online collaboration between customer and accountant. For more information, visit